NICE CLASSIFICATION - 11 Edition, Version 2021 - WIPO

List of Classes

Class 1

  • Sensitized paper;
  • Tyre repairing compositions;
  • Salt for preserving, other than for foodstuffs;
  • Certain additives for use in the food industry, for example, pectin, lecithin, enzymes and chemical preservatives;
  • Certain ingredients for use in the manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, for example, vitamins, preservatives and antioxidants;
  • Certain filtering materials, for example, mineral substances, vegetable substances and ceramic materials in particulate form.

Class 2

  • Paints, varnishes and lacquers for industry, handicrafts and arts;
  • Thinners, thickeners, fixatives and siccatives for paints, varnishes and lacquers;
  • Mordants for wood and leather;
  • Anti-rust oils and oils for the preservation of wood;
  • Dyestuffs for clothing;
  • Colorants for foodstuffs and beverages.

Class 3

  • Sanitary preparations being toiletries;
  • Tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions;
  • Deodorants for human beings or for animals;
  • Room fragrancing preparations;
  • Nail art stickers;
  • Polishing wax;
  • Sandpaper.

Class 4

  • Oils for the preservation of masonry or of leather;
  • Raw wax, industrial wax;
  • Electrical energy;
  • Motor fuels, biofuels;
  • Non-chemical additives for fuels;
  • Wood for use as fuel.

Class 5

  • Sanitary preparations for personal hygiene, other than toiletries;
  • Diapers for babies and for incontinence;
  • Deodorants, other than for human beings or for animals;
  • Medicated shampoos, soaps, lotions and dentifrices;
  • Dietary supplements intended to supplement a normal diet or to have health benefits;
  • Meal replacements and dietetic food and beverages adapted for medical or veterinary use.

Class 6

  • Metals in foil or powder form for further processing, for example, for 3D printers;
  • Metal building materials, for example, materials of metal for railway tracks, pipes and tubes of metal;
  • Small items of metal hardware, for example, bolts, screws, nails, furniture casters, window fasteners;
  • Transportable buildings or structures of metal, for example, prefabricated houses, swimming pools, cages for wild animals, skating rinks;
  • Certain goods made of common metals not otherwise classified by function or purpose, for example, all-purpose boxes of common metal, statues, busts and works of art of common metal.

Class 7

  • Parts of motors and engines of all kinds, for example, starters, mufflers and cylinders for motors and engines of any type;
  • Electric cleaning and polishing apparatus, for example, electric shoe polishers, electric machines and apparatus for carpet shampooing and vacuum cleaners;
  • 3D printers;
  • Industrial robots;
  • Certain special vehicles not for transportation purposes, for example, road sweeping machines, road making machines, bulldozers, snow ploughs, as well as rubber tracks as parts of those vehicles' crawlers.

Class 8

  • Hand-operated agricultural, gardening and landscaping tools;
  • Hand-operated tools for carpenters, artists and other craftspersons, for example, hammers, chisels and gravers;
  • Handles for hand-operated hand tools, such as knives and scythes;
  • Electric and non-electric hand implements for personal grooming and body art, for example, razors, implements for hair curling, tattooing, and for manicure and pedicure;
  • Hand-operated pumps;
  • Table cutlery, such as knives, forks and spoons, including those made of precious metals

Class 9

  • Apparatus and instruments for scientific research in laboratories;
  • Training apparatus and simulators, for example, resuscitation mannequins, simulators for the steering and control of vehicles;
  • Apparatus and instruments for controlling and monitoring aircraft, watercraft and unmanned vehicles, for example, navigational instruments, transmitters, compasses for measuring, GPS apparatus, automatic steering apparatus for vehicles;
  • Safety and security apparatus and instruments, for example, safety nets, signalling lights, traffic-light apparatus, fire engines, sound alarms, security tokens being encryption devices;
  • Clothing that protects against serious or life-threatening injuries, for example, clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire, bullet-proof clothing, protective helmets, head guards for sports, mouth guards for sports, protective suits for aviators, knee-pads for workers;
  • Optical apparatus and instruments, for example, eyeglasses, contact lenses, magnifying glasses, mirrors for inspecting work, peepholes;
  • Magnets;
  • Smartwatches, wearable activity trackers;
  • Joysticks for use with computers, other than for video games, virtual reality headsets, smartglasses;
  • Eyeglass cases, cases for smartphones, cases especially made for photographic apparatus and instruments;
  • Automated teller machines, invoicing machines, material testing instruments and machines;
  • Batteries and chargers for electronic cigarettes;
  • Electric and electronic effects units for musical instruments;
  • Laboratory robots, teaching robots, security surveillance robots, humanoid robots with artificial intelligence.

Class 10

  • Support bandages, orthopaedic bandages;
  • Special clothing for medical purposes, for example, compression garments, stockings for varices, strait jackets, orthopaedic footwear;
  • Articles, instruments and devices for menstruation, contraception and childbirth, for example, menstrual cups, pessaries, condoms, childbirth mattresses, forceps;
  • Therapeutic and prosthetic articles and devices for implantation made of artificial or synthetic materials, for example, surgical implants comprised of artificial materials, artificial breasts, brain pacemakers, biodegradable bone fixation implants;
  • Furniture especially made for medical purposes, for example, armchairs for medical or dental purposes, air mattresses for medical purposes, operating tables.

Class 11

  • Air-conditioning apparatus and installations;
  • Ovens, other than for laboratory use, for example, dental ovens, microwave ovens, bakers' ovens;
  • Stoves being heating apparatus;
  • Solar thermal collectors;
  • Chimney flues, chimney blowers, hearths, domestic fireplaces;
  • Sterilizers, incinerators;
  • Lighting apparatus and installations, for example, luminous tubes for lighting, searchlights, luminous house numbers, vehicle reflectors, lights for vehicles;
  • Lamps, for example, electric lamps, gas lamps, laboratory lamps, oil lamps, street lamps, safety lamps;
  • Tanning apparatus being sun beds;
  • Bath installations, bath fittings, bath plumbing fixtures;
  • Toilets, urinals;
  • Fountains, chocolate fountains;
  • Electrically heated pads, cushions and blankets, not for medical purposes;
  • Hot water bottles;
  • Electrically heated clothing;
  • Electric appliances for making yogurt, bread-making machines, coffee machines, ice-cream making machines;
  • Ice machines and apparatus.

Class 12

  • motors and engines for land vehicles;
  • couplings and transmission components for land vehicles;
  • air cushion vehicles;
  • remote control vehicles, other than toys;
  • parts of vehicles, for example, bumpers, windscreens, steering wheels, tyres for vehicle wheels, as well as treads for vehicles.

Class 13

  • Rescue flares, explosive or pyrotechnic;
  • Flare pistols;
  • Sprays for personal defence purposes;
  • Explosive fog signals, signal rocket flares;
  • Air pistols being weapons;
  • Bandoliers for weapons;
  • Sporting firearms, hunting firearms.

Class 14

  • Precious metals and their alloys; jewellery, precious and semi-precious stones;
  • jewellery, including imitation jewellery, for example, paste jewellery;
  • cuff links, tie pins, tie clips;
  • key rings, key chains and charms therefor;
  • jewellery charms;
  • jewellery boxes;
  • component parts for jewellery, clocks and watches, for example, clasps and beads for jewellery, movements for clocks and watches, clock hands, watch springs, watch crystals.

Class 15

  • Mechanical musical instruments and their accessories, for example, barrel organs, mechanical pianos, intensity regulators for mechanical pianos, robotic drums;
  • Musical boxes;
  • Electrical and electronic musical instruments;
  • Strings, reeds, pegs and pedals for musical instruments;
  • Tuning forks, tuning hammers;
  • Colophony (rosin) for stringed musical instruments.

Class 16

  • Paper knives and paper cutters;
  • Cases, covers and devices for holding or securing paper, for example, document files, money clips, holders for cheque books, paper-clips, passport holders, scrapbooks;
  • Certain office machines, for example, typewriters, duplicators, franking machines for office use, pencil sharpeners;
  • Painting articles for use by artists and interior and exterior painters, for example, artists' watercolour saucers, painters' easels and palettes, paint rollers and trays;
  • Certain disposable paper products, for example, bibs, handkerchiefs and table linen of paper;
  • Certain goods made of paper or cardboard not otherwise classified by function or purpose, for example, paper bags, envelopes and containers for packaging, statues, figurines and works of art of paper or cardboard, such as figurines of papier mâché, framed or unframed lithographs, paintings and watercolours.

Class 17

  • Rubber material for recapping tyres;
  • Floating anti-pollution barriers;
  • Adhesive tapes, other than stationery and not for medical or household purposes;
  • Plastic films, other than for wrapping and packaging, for example, anti-dazzle films for windows;
  • Elastic threads and threads of rubber or plastic, not for textile use;
  • Certain goods made of the materials in this class not otherwise classified by function or purpose, for example, foam supports for flower arrangements, padding and stuffing materials of rubber or plastics, rubber stoppers, shock-absorbing buffers of rubber, rubber bags or envelopes for packaging.

Class 18

  • Luggage and carrying bags, for example, suitcases, trunks, travelling bags, sling bags for carrying infants, school bags;
  • Luggage or baggage tags;
  • Business card cases and pocket wallets;
  • Boxes and cases of leather or leatherboard.

Class 19

  • Semi-worked woods for use in building, for example, beams, planks, panels; wood veneers;
  • Building glass, for example, glass tiles, insulating glass for building, safety glass;
  • Glass granules for marking out roads;
  • Granite, marble, gravel;
  • Terra-cotta for use as a building material;
  • Roofing, not of metal, incorporating photovoltaic cells;
  • Gravestones and tombs, not of metal;
  • Statues, busts and works of art of stone, concrete or marble;
  • Letter boxes of masonry;
  • Geotextiles;
  • Coatings being building materials;
  • Scaffolding, not of metal;
  • Transportable buildings or structures, not of metal, for example, aquaria, aviaries, flagpoles, porches, swimming pools.

Class 20

  • Metal furniture, furniture for camping, gun racks, newspaper display stands;
  • Indoor window blinds and shades;
  • Bedding, for example, mattresses, bed bases, pillows;
  • Looking glasses, furniture and toilet mirrors;
  • Registration plates, not of metal;
  • Small items of hardware, not of metal, for example, bolts, screws, dowels, furniture casters, collars for fastening pipes;
  • Letter boxes, not of metal or masonry.

Class 21

  • Household and kitchen utensils, for example, fly swatters, clothes-pegs, mixing spoons, basting spoons and corkscrews, as well as serving utensils, for example, sugar tongs, ice tongs, pie servers and serving ladles;
  • Household, kitchen and cooking containers, for example, vases, bottles, piggy banks, pails, cocktail shakers, cooking pots and pans, and non-electric kettles and pressure cookers;
  • Small hand-operated kitchen apparatus for mincing, grinding, pressing or crushing, for example, garlic presses, nutcrackers, pestles and mortars;
  • Dish stands and decanter stands;
  • Cosmetic and toilet utensils, for example, electric and non-electric combs and toothbrushes, dental floss, foam toe separators for use in pedicures, powder puffs, fitted vanity cases;
  • Gardening articles, for example, gardening gloves, window-boxes, watering cans and nozzles for watering hose;
  • Indoor aquaria, terrariums and vivariums

Class 22

  • Cords and twines made of natural or artificial textile fibres, paper or plastics;
  • Fishing nets, hammocks, rope ladders;
  • Vehicle covers, not fitted;
  • Certain sacks and bags not otherwise classified by function or purpose, for example, mesh bags for washing laundry, body bags, mail bags;
  • Packaging bags of textile;
  • Animal fibres and raw textile fibres, for example, animal hair, cocoons, jute, raw or treated wool, raw silk.

Class 23

  • Fibreglass, elastic, rubber and plastic threads for textile use;
  • Threads for embroidery, darning and sewing, including those of metal;
  • Spun silk, spun cotton, spun wool.

Class 24

  • Household linen, for example, bedspreads, pillow shams, towels of textile;
  • Bed linen of paper;
  • Sleeping bags, sleeping bag liners;
  • Fosquito nets.

Class 25

  • Parts of clothing, footwear and headwear, for example, cuffs, pockets, ready-made linings, heels and heelpieces, cap peaks, hat frames (skeletons);
  • Clothing and footwear for sports, for example, ski gloves, sports singlets, cyclists' clothing, judo and karate uniforms, football shoes, gymnastic shoes, ski boots;
  • Masquerade costumes;
  • Paper clothing, paper hats for use as clothing;
  • Bibs, not of paper;
  • Pocket squares;
  • Footmuffs, not electrically heated.

Class 26

  • Wigs, toupees, false beards;
  • Barrettes, hair bands
  • Ribbons and bows being haberdashery or used as hair decorations, made of any material;
  • Ribbons and bows for gift wrapping, not of paper;
  • Hair nets;
  • Buckles, zippers;
  • Charms, other than for jewellery, key rings or key chains;
  • Artificial Christmas garlands and wreaths, including those incorporating lights;
  • Certain articles for curling hair, for example, electric and non-electric hair curlers, other than hand implements, hair curling pins, hair curling paper.

Class 27

  • Automobile carpets;
  • Mats being floor coverings, for example, bath mats, door mats, gymnastic mats, yoga mats;
  • Artificial turf;
  • Wallpaper, including textile wallpaper.

Class 28

  • Amusement and game apparatus, including controllers therefor;
  • Novelty toys for playing jokes and for parties, for example, carnival masks, paper party hats, confetti, party poppers and Christmas crackers;
  • Hunting and fishing tackle, for example, fishing rods, landing nets for anglers, decoys, hunting game calls;
  • Equipment for various sports and games.

Class 29

  • Meat-, fish-, fruit- or vegetable-based food;
  • Edible insects;
  • Milk beverages with milk predominating;
  • Milk substitutes, for example, almond milk, coconut milk, peanut milk, rice milk, soya milk;
  • Preserved mushrooms;
  • Pulses and nuts prepared for human consumption;
  • Seeds prepared for human consumption, not being seasonings or flavourings.

Class 30

  • Beverages with coffee, cocoa, chocolate or tea base;
  • Cereals prepared for human consumption, for example, oat flakes, corn chips, husked barley, bulgur, muesli;
  • Pizza, pies, sandwiches;
  • Chocolate-coated nuts;
  • Flavourings, other than essential oils, for food or beverages.

Class 31

  • Unprocessed cereals;
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, even after washing or waxing;
  • Plant residue;
  • Unprocessed algae;
  • Unsawn timber;
  • Fertilised eggs for hatching;
  • Fresh mushrooms and truffles;
  • Litter for animals, for example, aromatic sand, sanded paper for pets.

Class 32

  • De-alcoholised beverages;
  • Soft drinks;
  • Rice-based and soya-based beverages, other than milk substitutes;
  • Energy drinks, isotonic beverages, protein-enriched sports beverages;
  • Non-alcoholic essences and fruit extracts for making beverages

Class 33

  • Wines, fortified wines;
  • Alcoholic cider, perry;
  • Spirits, liqueurs;
  • Alcoholic essences, alcoholic fruit extracts, bitters.

Class 34

  • Tobacco substitutes, not for medical purposes;
  • Flavourings, other than essential oils, for use in electronic cigarettes, oral vaporizers for smokers;
  • Herbs for smoking;
  • Snuff;
  • Certain accessories and containers related to the use of tobacco and articles for smoking, for example, lighters for smokers, ashtrays for smokers, tobacco jars, snuff boxes, cigar humidors.

Class 35

  • The bringing together, for the benefit of others, of a variety of goods, excluding the transport thereof, enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase those goods; such services may be provided by retail stores, wholesale outlets, through vending machines, mail order catalogues or by means of electronic media, for example, through web sites or television shopping programmes;
  • Advertising, marketing and promotional services, for example, distribution of samples, development of advertising concepts, writing and publication of publicity texts;
  • Shop window dressing;
  • Public relations services;
  • Production of teleshopping programmes;
  • Organization of trade fairs and exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes;
  • Search engine optimization for sales promotion;
  • Commercial assistance services, for example, personnel recruitment, negotiation of business contracts for others, cost price analysis, import-export agency services
  • Administration services relating to business transactions and financial records, for example, book-keeping, drawing up of statements of accounts, business and financial auditing, business appraisals, tax preparation and filing services;
  • Commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others;
  • Services consisting of the registration, transcription, composition, compilation or systematization of written communications and registrations, and also the compilation of mathematical or statistical data;
  • Office functions, for example, appointment scheduling and reminder services, data search in computer files for others, computerized file management, telephone switchboard services

Class 36

  • Financial transaction and payment services, for example, exchanging money, electronic funds transfer, processing of credit card and debit card payments, issuance of travellers' cheques;
  • Financial management and research;
  • Financial appraisals, for example, jewellery, art and real estate appraisal, repair costs evaluation;
  • Cheque verification;
  • Financing and credit services, for example, loans, issuance of credit cards, hire- or lease-purchase financing;
  • Crowdfunding;
  • Safe deposit services;
  • Financial sponsorship;
  • Real estate agency services, real estate management, rental of apartments, rent collection;
  • Insurance underwriting, actuarial services;
  • Brokerage services, for example, securities, insurance and real estate brokerage, brokerage of carbon credits, pawnbrokerage.

Class 37

  • construction and demolition of buildings, roads, bridges, dams or transmission lines, as well as services in the field of construction, for example, interior and exterior painting, plastering, plumbing, heating equipment installation, and roofing;
  • shipbuilding;
  • rental of construction tools, machines and equipment, for example, rental of bulldozers, rental of cranes;
  • various repair services, for example, those in the fields of electricity, computer hardware, furniture, instruments, tools;
  • various restoration services, for example, building restoration, furniture restoration and restoration of works of art;
  • maintenance services for preserving an object in its original condition without changing any of its properties;
  • cleaning of different objects, for example, windows, vehicles, clothing, as well as the laundering and pressing of clothing.

Class 38

  • transmission of digital files and electronic mail;
  • providing user access to global computer networks;
  • radio and television broadcasting;
  • video-on-demand transmission;
  • providing internet chatrooms and online forums;
  • telephone and voice mail services;
  • teleconferencing and videoconferencing services.

Class 39

  • operation of stations, bridges, railways, ferries and other transport facilities;
  • rental of vehicles for transportation, as well as chauffeuring and piloting services;
  • rental services related to transport, storage and travel, for example, parking place rental, garage rental, rental of storage containers;
  • operation of maritime tugs, unloading, operation of ports and docks, and salvaging of wrecked ships and their cargoes;
  • packaging, bottling, wrapping and delivering of goods;
  • replenishing vending machines and automated teller machines;
  • services for providing information about journeys or the transport of goods by brokers and tourist agencies, as well as for providing information relating to tariffs, timetables and methods of transport;
  • inspection of vehicles or goods for the purpose of transport;
  • distribution of energy and electricity, as well as distribution and supply of water.

Class 40

  • transformation of an object or substance and any process involving a change in its essential properties, for example, dyeing a garment; such transformation services are also classified in Class 40 if they are provided in the framework of repair or maintenance work, for example, chromium plating of motor vehicle bumpers;
  • services of material treatment which may be present during the production of any substance or object other than a building, for example, services which involve cutting, shaping, polishing by abrasion or metal coating;
  • joining of materials, for example, soldering or welding;
  • processing and treatment of foodstuffs, for example, fruit crushing, flour milling, food and drink preservation, food smoking, freezing of foods;
  • custom manufacturing of goods to the order and specification of others (bearing in mind that certain offices require that the goods produced be indicated), for example, custom manufacturing of automobiles;
  • services of a dental technician;
  • quilting, embroidering, custom tailoring, textile dyeing, applying finishes to textiles.

Class 41

  • organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes, arranging and conducting of conferences, congresses and symposiums;
  • translation and language interpretation services;
  • publication of books and texts, other than publicity texts;
  • news reporters services, photographic reporting;
  • photography;
  • film direction and production services, other than for advertising films;
  • cultural, educational or entertainment services provided by amusement parks, circuses, zoos, art galleries and museums;
  • sports and fitness training services;
  • training of animals;
  • online gaming services;
  • gambling services, organization of lotteries;
  • ticket reservation and booking services for entertainment, educational and sporting events;
  • certain writing services, for example, screenplay writing, songwriting.

Class 42

  • services of engineers and scientists who undertake evaluations, estimates, research and reports in the scientific and technological fields, including technological consultancy;
  • computer and technology services for securing computer data and personal and financial information and for the detection of unauthorized access to data and information, for example, computer virus protection services, data encryption services, electronic monitoring of personally identifying information to detect identity theft via the internet;
  • software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS);
  • scientific research services for medical purposes;
  • architectural and urban planning services;
  • certain design services, for example, industrial design, design of computer software and systems, interior design, packaging design, graphic arts design, dress designing;
  • surveying;
  • oil, gas and mining exploration services.

Class 43

  • temporary accommodation reservations, for example, hotel reservations;
  • boarding for animals;
  • rental of meeting rooms, tents and transportable buildings;
  • retirement home services;
  • day-nursery and crèche services;
  • decorating of food, food sculpting;
  • rental of cooking apparatus;
  • rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware;
  • hookah lounge services;
  • personal chef services.

Class 44

  • hospital services;
  • telemedicine services;
  • dentistry, optometry and mental health services;
  • medical clinic services and medical analysis services for diagnostic and treatment purposes provided by medical laboratories, such as x-ray examinations and taking of blood samples
  • therapy services, for example, physiotherapy and speech therapy;
  • pharmacy advice and preparation of prescriptions by pharmacists;
  • blood bank and human tissue bank services;
  • convalescent home and rest home services;
  • dietary and nutritional advice;
  • health spa services;
  • artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization services;
  • animal breeding;
  • animal grooming;
  • body piercing and tattooing;
  • services relating to gardening, for example, plant nursery services, landscape design, landscape gardening, lawn care;
  • services relating to floral art, for example, flower arranging, wreath making;
  • weed killing, vermin and pest control for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry.

Class 45

  • services rendered by lawyers, legal assistants, and personal advocates, to individuals, groups of individuals, organizations and enterprises;
  • investigation and surveillance services relating to the physical safety of persons and security of tangible property;
  • services provided to individuals in relation with social events, such as social escort services, matrimonial agencies, funeral services.